February 14, 2016


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Abraham’s Life

God Seeking Man [YouTube] [Audio]

The Peace of What God is Doing [YouTube] [Audio]

Christ Like Characters

Revelation [YouTube] [Audio]

Emotional Cancers

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 2 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 3 [YouTube] [Audio]

False Teachers

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 2 [YouTube] [Audio]

Fess Up, Give Up, Take Up

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 2 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 3 [YouTube] [Audio]


Faith [YouTube] [Audio]

Hope [YouTube] [Audio]

Love [YouTube] [Audio]

Obedience [YouTube] [Audio]

God’s Temple

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 2 [YouTube] [Audio]

I Need Some More of That

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

In Defense

Free to Live By the Spirit [YouTube] [Audio]

In Defense of Freedom [YouTube] [Audio]

In Defense of the Gospel – Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

In Defense of the Gospel – Sermon 2 [YouTube] [Audio]

Not So Good Friday

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 2 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 3 [YouTube] [Audio]

Sermon 4 [YouTube] [Audio]


Desires [YouTube] [Audio]

Mind [YouTube] [Audio]

Will [YouTube] [Audio]

Walking in the Spirit

Sermon 1 [YouTube] [Audio]

Other Sermons

Building Community [YouTube] [Audio]

Death Destroyed for Life [YouTube] [Audio]

He is Risen Indeed [YouTube] [Audio]

Healing Our Land [YouTube] [Audio]

Honoring Your Mother [YouTube] [Audio]

Life as a Passion Play [YouTube] [Audio]

Life Without a Filter [YouTube] [Audio]

New Heavens & New Earth [YouTube] [Audio]

Parable of a Father’s Love [YouTube] [Audio]

Reaping What You Sow [YouTube] [Audio]

Resurrection Perspective [YouTube] [Audio]

Stand Firm, Hold Fast, Remain True [YouTube] [Audio]

Submitting to the Spirit [YouTube] [Audio]

The End of Sacrifice (Really) [YouTube] [Audio]

What’s Your Passion [YouTube] [Audio]

Guest Speakers

Material for the Spiritual [YouTube] [Audio]